Introducing dedicated book reviews

A couple times each week I receive a pitch from a publisher, agent, PR rep, or author requesting that I read and review a forthcoming book. I love these pitches! I love to read, so discovering new authors or new books is a delight.

If I have an appropriate outlet for the book – say, it’s a dog book that will fit on the blog, or it’s a lifestyle book that I can review for a client – I accept. If I don’t have an outlet on hand, I will decline.

Recently, though, I realized that I could start reviewing books here and compile them in one place. This gives the authors another place to have their work reviewed (in addition to the reviews I try to write on Goodreads).

So, I’m introducing a new section of dedicated book reviews. Starting today, I will share the list of what I’m reading and, once I finish and review the publication, I will link to the finished review – whether it’s on my dog blog, on this blog, for a client, or on Goodreads.

I’m already plowing through my first novel of the year, so stay tuned for that review!

I hope your new year is off to a fabulous start!