About Me

I am a deadline-driven writer and editor. My work has appeared in a variety of print and web publications, and I have been profiled in The Writer and Freelance Write Now. My first book, Clicker Dog Training: The Better Path to a Well-Behaved Pup, was published by Open Air Publishing. My second, Authentic Blogging, is available on Gumroad.

Maggie MartonSMALL

When I’m not writing (or reading books about grammar), I teach writing courses, hike, throw dinner parties, play with my three dogs and cat, and travel as much as possible. I served on the Board of Directors for the Monroe County Humane Association and on the Habitat for Humanity Public Relations Committee. For a little light reading, check out my pet project (pun totally intended) at ohmydogblog.com.

I would love to learn more about you and chat about your project! Contact me at info@maggiemarton.com so we can come up with a solution that meets your needs.

You can also learn more about my experience.