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Authentic Blogging eBook: FAQs

So excited to announce: Earlier this morning, my eBook officially launched! Authentic Blogging is now for sale! <– click here to check it out and buy or share. Plus, between now and Monday, it’s pay-what-you-want pricing!

Authentic Blogging eBook

A few FAQs to learn more about Authentic Blogging:

Why “authentic” blogging?

The blog world is full of bells and whistles: SEO, algorithms, image optimization, HTML, CSS, tagging, social sharing, social tagging, speed dating… no, wait. Not that last one. The reality is that there are tons of moving parts, and it’s difficult to keep up. At the end of the day, though, the thing that differentiates successful bloggers from those whose sole reader is their mom is the writing. I believe the best writing, the writing that will captivate an audience, comes from within. Learning how to identify and leverage your authentic voice is the key to long-term success in the ever-changing blogosphere. This eBook–really, an eWorkbook because it’s full of worksheets–will help you find and use your authentic voice.

Is this for new bloggers or experienced bloggers?

Excellent question! While I assume that you have some basic knowledge of blogging, the concepts are the same whether you’re fresh or seasoned. That said, it’s not a stuffy technical guide. There is no coding or WordPress magic included. It’s all about the writing. If you haven’t yet started your blog, this could be a really great way to find your voice to get started. If you’ve been blogging for a while, use it to refine what’s working for you already.

I know you’re a pet blogger. Is this eBook just targeted to pet bloggers?

Another excellent question! You’re so smart!

The book isn’t specific to pet blogging at all. The examples are wide and varied, and the ideas apply to any niche–from pets to cars to interior decorating to organic gardening to whatever else you can think of. I believe that what makes a blogger successful transcends genre. Good writing is good writing whether you’re blogging about your cat’s litter box habits or your elementary school classroom binder organization system.

Where can I learn more before I buy?

On my blog, I wrote a bit about what inspired me to tackle this project. I also have more info on this website’s page dedicated to the book. Or, you can view more on the product page.

Any other questions or comments? Please send me an email (info at maggiemarton dot com)! I’d love to connect!

Thank you so much for your interest and support. This project means a lot to me, and I’m so grateful you’re here!

eBook News! In just one week…

It’s here! It’s here!

Well… almost.

I mentioned before my BlogPaws talk that the concepts I presented there started out as a rough outline for an eBook. I wanted to tackle an eBook project for ages. I had the ideas. I just needed the motivation, which arrived suddenly and unexpectedly a few months ago.

Now {{drumroll, please}} my eBook on authentic blogging is finished! All except the cover, anyway.

So, here’s the plan: Next week it’ll be available on my blog as a sneak peek, pre-launch, and I’ll explain what finally pushed me into finishing this long-lingering project. After that, it’ll be available on a sales page here and on Amazon for Kindle. Woot!

Site updates! Coming soon!

designI’ve mentioned before that design is so not my thing.

Writing? My thing. Dogs? Also, my thing. Design? I mean, what’s wrong with a Word doc in Times New Roman?

That said, this plain old WordPress site has gone un-updated for far too long. I dig simplicity and white space as much as the next writer, but I feel like I’m in need of a makeover–something that represents who I am and what I do, rather than the stripped-down theme I’ve been using for years. Literally, years.

So, site updates are in the works! I’ve been tweaking content here and there to gear up for the refresh. If something goes missing, if a link doesn’t work, or if you can’t find what you’re looking for while construction is underway, please don’t hesitate to email me: info {at} maggiemarton {dot} com.

Can’t wait to unveil the new look!

News: I’m speaking at BlogPaws!

I’m absolutely thrilled to share that I’ve been selected to speak at the 2015 BlogPaws. I’ve attended the conference a handful of times – only missing one so far – and learned so much.

This year, I’ll be speaking along with Karon Thackston in the advanced track. You can check out all the sessions on the conference page, but our talk is Advanced Strategies for Attracting & Keeping Readers Authentically.

I couldn’t be more excited. Authenticity is one of my passions – living authentically, writing authentically, speaking authentically. My portion of our talk is going to focus on writing strategies to convey your authenticity and, in turn, retain a loyal readership.

I hope to see you there!

OH! And if you haven’t yet registered, here’s a discount code to use at checkout: BP15-Speaker-10off

News: Back to teaching writing!

One month from today, I will step back into the English classroom and help students get over their fear – and hatred – of writing!

I’m thrilled. I loved teaching at community college and was so sad when we moved to Louisiana and I had to let that go. Now that we’re back in Indiana, I’m back to the classroom. I can’t wait! This semester is going to be different from previous semesters, and I’m excited to learn about the changes to the curriculum. I’ll share my experiences as they unfold.

In the meantime, I invite you to revisit: 5 lessons I learned while teaching English.

Attending the BlogPaws conference

Here I am in Lake Las Vegas!

I'm Going to BlogPaws 2014 - The Pet Blogging and Social Media Conference





I’m attending BlogPaws, a conference that I find TREMENDOUSLY valuable. See those caps? That’s how strongly I feel about this. TREMENDOUS.

In fact, I’ve only ever missed one of the conferences (damn chemo), so I’m super excited to connect with old friends, meet bloggers I admire, and network with other sites and brands. It’s so important to step out from behind the computer screen and collaborate face-to-face. I’ll be back with a full recap next week!

Are you here, too? Tweet me @maggiemarton so we can get together! 

Upcoming pet writing projects – my fave!

I’m so happy it’s spring!

Spring has sprung!

This baby is practically glowing in our front yard!

I love this time of year. Flowers are blooming. The days are longer. The mosquitoes aren’t yet the size of finches. Ah, spring!

Since it’s the start of the second quarter, it’s also time for us small-business folks to reevaluate our goals and direction for the upcoming months. Did we accomplish what we wanted to in Q1? Where do we want to go in Q2?

I’m excited to take on a second assignment with Pet Age, adding a Groom&Board article on top of my Products&Trends piece. I adore this magazine and the staff, and I’m thrilled to tackle more assignments.

I’m also contributing more to Victoria Stilwell’s blog, which I love because I get to talk positive training in a brand new venue.

There’s a ton of stuff going on the blog these days, too, including the newsletter.

And a few more details-to-come projects that are all about pets, crafts, and building a super strong bond with our dogs and cats.

I’m LOVING that so much pet writing work is piling up because it’s what I’m most passionate about!

Here’s to finding work that fuels your passion! Happy spring!


New project alert: Positively Expert Blogger

At BarkWorld last fall, I met with the folks from, Victoria Stilwell’s website and blog. If you’re unfamiliar with her and her work, the gist is that she is a champion for positive reinforcement training and for companion animal welfare causes. Since I first started watching her show It’s Me or the Dog on Animal Planet, I was a fan.

I’m giddy to announce that I am joining the ranks of her “Positively Expert” bloggers on! The roster of bloggers reads like a who’s who of positive, holistic pet care, and I’m honored to be among their ranks.

I spent the morning working on my first post for the site, so I’ll be sure to share it once it’s live!

Quick news: My recent radio appearance

A couple weeks ago, I had the honor of being a guest on the Pit Bulletin Legal Network’s weekly radio show. It’s a show I never miss, so I was thrilled to be a part.

If you have some time – and you want to hear me chat with the show’s fabulous hosts about all things dog – listen here.



New project alert!

I love pet publications. I’m obsessed with my dogs, and I relish any opportunity to learn more about them and the best ways to spoil their furry little selves. So I’m super excited to announce that I get to write the monthly Products & Trends column for the dog category for Pet Age Magazine, the leading publication for pet professionals.

My first column, Evicting Fleas, appeared in the January issue. Coming soon: Dental products!