Maggie Marton

Author & Animal Behavior Geek

Giving back as a service provider

Now that I work for myself, I can arrange my schedule to be flexible. While most days I’m tethered to my desk from 8 am until sometimes very late, I love the ability to work in some time to give back.

Writing, editing, proofreading, research… All the tasks I do are services that a lot of nonprofit organizations neglect because they’re so busy running their business! It’s really important to be to find ways to give, though financial giving isn’t always the best – or most needed – form of giving. Instead, I’m taking on a handful of service-related tasks, like writing press releases for my local Habitat for Humanity. I like that I can donate my skills to help a stretched-too-thin organization thrive.

How can you find ways to contribute your skills or talents to an organization that needs help?

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