Authenticity in business

Does your work bring out your very best?

We’ve seen many executives apologizing lately. Every time there’s a splashy scandal on the news, I think, “Thank goodness I love my job too much to ever do anything like that!”

To do a job well takes integrity and honesty. You can’t have integrity and you can’t be honest if you’re not authentic.

Authenticity is a word I’ve been thinking about as I do my 2014 planning. With each new idea and project, I ask myself: Does this reflect who I really am? If so, I proceed! If not, I scrap it.

It feels like a wholehearted way to do business.

I think it’s easy to tell if you’re being authentic or not. Something either feels right, deep in your gut… or it doesn’t.

Do the things that feel right.

Does your work bring out your very best? If not, what can you change to make sure it does?