What are your core values?

In her book Make a Name for Yourself, Robin Fisher Roffer writes, “Successful brands are built on core values and during their lifetimes constantly build on and reinforce their core values.”

I like to think I operate my business from a value-minded position, but the reality is that I never took the time with a notebook to write out my values. So I started thinking, and here’s what I came up with as my brand’s core values:

  • compassion
  • service
  • passion
  • community
  • initiative
  • eco-consciousness

I posted these on my blog for all to see and to make sure I’m accountable! And, as I prepare for my 2014 planning session, it’ll be so helpful to have these on hand so that I can assess every new project against these core values. If they don’t align with one (or more), then I won’t take on the project!

What about you? Have you taken the time to define your core values? If not, I strongly encourage the exercise. You might find that it’s incredibly revealing!