Book review: Authorpreneur in Pajamas

Many writers are choosing to self-publish their work. It’s swifter than going the traditional route, and it allows authors the ability to manage their platform and promotion.

Authorprenuer in Pajamas by Geraldine Solon

In her eBook, Authorpreneur in Pajamas, Geraldine Solon walks the aspiring writer through the many components of promoting self-published work. The short book – it’s only 80 pages, including the acknowledgments – touches on the various social media channels available and a smattering of promotion ideas, like hosting a virtual book tour or offering a giveaway.

The book provides a mile-high view of each step, though many of the chapters include links to references to get more information. I think this book could help someone who is brand new to the publishing industry get an idea of what’s involved and, hopefully, provide a starting line. Most readers could utilize the elements outlined in the book as a prompt to research more in-depth the tactics that spoke to him or her.

I have one gripe. If you’ve read my other reviews of self-published work, this is a persistent problem: It isn’t well edited. There are subject-verb agreement and preposition errors – along with a few other nit-picky things – throughout the book, which I always find to be incredibly distracting. (I know, I know. I’m a grammar nerd. I read grammar books for fun, and edit absolutely everything I read. Many readers can overlook those errors. I just can’t.)

For only $0.99 on Amazon, Authorpreneur in Pajamas could be a great value for someone who has no idea where to start in self-published book promotion.

Disclaimer: I was provided with a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review.