Book Review: My Beloved World

“There are no bystanders in this life…. Our humanity makes us each a part of something greater than ourselves.” — Sonia Sotomayor

I recently finished My Beloved World by Sonia Sotomayor, the first Hispanic and the third woman appointed to the United States Supreme Court. I can’t overstate this: Read it. Next. Finish what you’re reading now, then pick this up.

My Beloved World book review

Prior to digging in, I worried that it would be dry, that it would be a picture of her swift rise to the top with nods to adversity here and there. Why? Many books written by people in political power – and, yes, she’s in judicial power, but they’re so similar in DC – fall into that trap. This was nothing like that. At all.

She is open, candid, and humorous. She examines her life experiences with a critical eye, and though I’m sure she held a lot back, it doesn’t feel like she did. The narrative is captivating and surprisingly casual.

The book starts with young Sonia exercising her independence and learning how to administer her own diabetes medication. The text continues chronologically with interspersed passages of self-reflection. She talks about growing up in a household with an alcoholic father and a long-suffering, overworked mother. When her father passes, the story pivots and follows her development, step by step, into the woman she is today.

Well, not today. Ms. Sotomayor chose to end the narration with her first judgeship rather than taking us up until her appointment to the Supreme Court. Hopefully someday she writes that story.

Wherever you fall on the political spectrum doesn’t matter. This isn’t a book about sides. It’s a book about perseverance, hard work, and the importance of a supportive network of friends and family. It’s an inspiring story – half my book is dog-earned – and the kind of honest, authentic tale you imagine hearing a girlfriend tell about herself over a cup of coffee.

It came out in 2013, and my only regret is that I didn’t read it sooner! Definitely give this one a read!

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