3 Ways to Make Your Online Presence Eco-Friendly

3 Ways to Make Your Online Presence Eco-Friendly

Earlier this summer, I covered the environmental impact of working online. But what if you don’t run your career on the internet and simply use it like normal people everyone else.

Here are three ways to make your time online more eco-friendly:

  1. Shop online. IF you have to drive to stores to do your shopping (as in, you can’t walk or bike), then it’s probably more eco-friendly. There’s a sneaky, underlying benefit to shopping online, too. We talk all the time about the importance of consuming less. Well, when you shop online, you’re far less likely to pick up those impulse buys enticingly stacked at every end cap and cash register. So, you buy less stuff–especially less stuff you didn’t even need in the first place–when you shop online. Score for your wallet and the planet!
  2. Charge wisely. Every time you charge something, you use energy, right? Well, how often do you leave something plugged in well after it’s fully charged? Or, how often do you leave your laptop on overnight–even if it’s locked or on low-power mode–draining bits of the battery that’ll have to be charged again the next day? I’m guilty of that, for sure. If something isn’t charging, unplug it. Better yet, plug all your stuff into a power strip you can quickly turn off. If you’re not using an electronic, turn it off to save the battery and stave off even more charging time.
  3. Go offline. Seriously. Put down your phone. Power off your laptop. Heck, turn off your TV. It’ll save a ton of energy–most importantly, your own! All sorts of compiled studies show that people spend four or more hours on their phone every single day. On top of that time–and, yes, some of this is multi-tasked with phone and TV–“According to a Nielsen report, United States adults are watching five hours and four minutes of television per day on average (35.5 h/week, slightly more than 77 days per year).” Think how much you can do every day if you cut back on those habits, saving the planet’s limited energy stores aside!!

None of those are hard to do. None cost you anything extra (beyond what you’d spend on shopping of course) and you may even save if you decide to cut cable, which I highly recommend!

What can you do today to use your online life to lessen your carbon footprint?

On a final note, if you’re a pet lover who’s interested in learning more about your pet’s impact on the planet, check out my ebook project, The Zero-Waste Pet.

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