Freelance Life: The 9 Best Gifts for Writers

What do you get for the writer who could put you in her novel and have you murdered?

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Our Recommendations: The 9 Best Gifts for Writers

An Inspiring and Motivating Read

I was sent a review copy of this book, and I’m SO glad I was! In Creative Economy Entrepreneurs: From Startup to Success: How Startups in the Creative Industries are Transforming the Global Economy, the authors share advice and case studies that emphasize just how important creative entrepreneurs are to the global economy. This is a groundbreaking discussion. See, here’s the thing: When you are creative and run your own business, you need to run a business. And that’s not something most creatives learned in their MFA program or wherever. However, this book encourages investors to support creative entrepreneurs–again, a groundbreaking discussion. Lots of stories and examples make this an engaging, inspiring read and a great gift for any aspiring or practicing creative.

Gift Cards

OK, sure. I’ve heard people say gift cards are impersonal. I’d like to counter that: Gift cards allow the recipient to choose something they need or want that you might not even realize is on their list. Plus, gift cards reduce waste and guilt. Win-win. For writers, I recommend Amazon and Etsy. If they have a favorite coffee shop or bar, that’s good, too!

Coffee and Mug

Honestly, I don’t know a single writer who doesn’t drink coffee. I’m sure there is one. I just don’t know him or her. While this mug might not be appropriate for everyone, I think most writers would get a kick out of the Hemingway reference.

Beautiful Notebooks (bonus for the perfect pen)

Not everyone loves the same paper. Nor the same binding. But no writer has ever said, “You know, I have enough notebooks.” Can’t happen. Aim for a traditional Moleskine or Leuchtturm 1917. <— that berry color has my heart!

Magazine Subscription

Magazines are a constant source of inspiration. Your subscription is the gift that keeps on giving!

Authentic Blogging

Yep, it’s my book! 🙂 I had to include it because it’s chock full of useful tips, practical advice, and easy-to-implement solutions to any blogger’s stumbling blocks. Also, the price goes up in 2019, so now’s the last chance to snag it for only $10!

Something Cozy

This tops my wish list, tbh. Most writers I know spend tons of time toiling away at a desk chair, and constricting, uncomfortable clothing causes nothing but distractions! Cozy pants, a cozy shirt, a sweatshirt, and slippers make the PERFECT gift set for the writer you love! I highly recommend Pact Apparel for super-duper soft organic cotton. (Santa, if you’re reading this, this request is from me to you!)

Kindle Unlimited or Audible Membership

A Kindle Unlimited membership is an incredible gift for cash-strapped writers! It’s unlimited reading AND unlimited listening. Or, if your recipient isn’t a digital reader (and not everyone is!), an Audible subscription is aahhhhhhmazing because being able to listen to books everywhere you go? Perfection! (BTW, that link for the subscription gets you TWO FREE books so you can make your gift even that much bigger!)


Web hosting can be one of the biggest costs incurred by a writer. Consider the gift of hosting for the writer on your list! I recommend GreenGeeks because they’re an eco-friendly provider, and they’re having a crazy holiday sale from now until the 26th $2.95/mo for 36 months. Best. gift. ever.

Any of these gifts would make incredible presents for the writer you love. Heck, win Christmas and pick them all up for your writer! 🙂

Merry, merry! Happy holidays, everyone!

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