A True Passion Project: Introducing The Zero-Waste Pet

A long time ago… I’m not even sure how long anymore… I started to research zero-waste living.

Zero waste: Whereby you, as a consumer, produce no trash that goes to the landfill. Instead, you recycle, upcycle, compost, etc. to keep your junk out of the landfill.

I’ve been interested in eco-responsible living since elementary school–way back when we had to sort all our recyclables by material then by color, then drive it across town to drop off in sorted bins.

But, the thing with zero-waste living is that there’s a huge gap in the research. There is almost nothing out there about how to live a zero-waste lifestyle as a pet lover.

In fact, sadly, many zero-waste folks tend to argue that pets are anti-zero-waste since they produce so much waste. And they do. But that shouldn’t preclude anyone from saving a life, should it?

Of course not.

So, I poured my time and resources into the zero-waste pet question and came up with this: The Zero-Waste Pet.

Introducing The Zero-Waste Pet

It’s an ebook full of tips, tricks, and resources I’ve gleaned from research and lots of trial and error. I’ve also assembled gobs of free downloads and resources that come with the ebook.

Want to join in this journey? Want to learn more about enjoying an eco-friendly life with your pets? It’s easy and oh-so-rewarding to lessen your pet’s carbon pawprint. Check out The Zero-Waste Pet to learn more, sign up for challenges, download freebies and so much more!