Bloggers: STOP Doing These Things to Be More Efficient

Do you want to be a more effective blogger? More productive? More profitable?

Of course we all do.

But, oftentimes, we try to achieve efficiency by adding more to our lists: more time management techniques, more tips and tricks, more hacks. And, unfortunately, we’re inadvertently wasting a ton of time by filling our schedules with things we shouldn’t be doing.

There’s only so much time in the day, so let’s be more efficient and chop some things off that list!

In this post, we're digging into seven things bloggers need to stop doing to be more efficient with their time!

Stop comparing yourself to others.

Social media can feel like a compare-a-thon. Yeah, you might love another blogger’s Instagram feed and aspire to achieve her follower count or her consistency. But you know what? This is your journey and your story. Someone else might feel green-eyed over your Facebook engagement or your engaging storytelling. You do you. Let them do them. We’re all great. We’re all worthy. Stay true to you, and don’t worry about what anyone else is doing!

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Stop jumping on every bandwagon.

There’s a new platform or tool around every corner. Stop spreading yourself so thin by trying to adopt them all. Instead, figure out what truly serves you and your audience and stick with those. The next-best-thing might not be it!

Stop trying to make everyone happy.

You’ll make yourself crazy trying to keep everyone happy. No one is for everyone. Don’t contort yourself to make someone happy who isn’t for you. Be authentic to you and your values. Tell your story. The people who need you will find you and stick around. And be OK with accepting that some people just aren’t for you!

Stop sacrificing integrity.

You are a brand. No matter how much fame or fortune is on the table, at the end of the day, it’s your integrity you’re selling. Pick opportunities that align with your values. If something isn’t right, no matter how much it’s worth, don’t do it.

Stop worrying about what readers *might* think.

If it’s a cause you believe in, a product you love, a training technique you stand behind, don’t be afraid to write about it wholeheartedly! The fear of what others *might* say shouldn’t guide your hand. Speaking of which…

Stop taking trolls personally.

Listen, getting trolled sucks. It does. Allow yourself to feel angry or aggravated or hurt… for a super-duper-short time. No matter what you write, someone somewhere has something bad to say about it, and the internet gives ‘em all the voice to say it. Trust that it’s not you. It’s them.

Stop sacrificing your life for your blog.

Your time is finite. That’s true for time to get our work done and time with our families. Whether it’s your after-work play session with your cat or your morning walk with your dog, pushing your kid on the swings at the park, or enjoying a margarita with your girlfriends, don’t skimp on those activities to put more time in at the keyboard. You can squeeze in a few minutes of work other times. True story: My grad school adviser wrote his entire first book in 15-minute chunks riding the bus to and from work each day. The work will always be there. That time with your friends and family is time you can’t get back. Plus, after a bit of fun or a smidge of relaxation, you’ll likely hit the keyboard with renewed vigor and a fresher mindset!

Tell me: What things do YOU need to stop doing to be a more efficient blogger?

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