Why BlogPaws?

On a sunny May morning in 2010, I pulled into a gas station somewhere between Bloomington, IN, and Columbus, OH. I pulled out my phone while the tank filled. I spotted a ton of tweets from other folks who were on their way to the first ever BlogPaws conference. I actually considered NOT tweeting that…… Continue reading Why BlogPaws?

BlogPaws 2015 and eBook News!

I’ve attended all but one of the annual BlogPaws conferences (darn chemo ruined my perfect record), and this year’s was a remarkable experience. They’re all wonderful, of course, but this was the first year I got to speak. That’s me. Speaking. I need a haircut. Anyway, it was an absolute pleasure to chat about authenticity…… Continue reading BlogPaws 2015 and eBook News!

How to Hone Your Writing Voice in 3 Simple Steps

  The term “writing voice” is bandied about but rarely defined. Your voice, though, will make you stand out from the crowd of other writers and bloggers. So, how are you supposed to hone your writing voice if you’re not sure what–or where–it is? For starters, I like to think of my writing voice as the sound…… Continue reading How to Hone Your Writing Voice in 3 Simple Steps