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From left to right, a little red-and-tan pit bull mix in a blue striped bandana sits next to a one-year-old girl in a blue dress, and behind her is Maggie Marton, her mom, in a gray t-shirt and jeans.
Photo: Joyful Exposures

My name’s Maggie, and I’m an Indiana-based animal writer. I’m also a mama, dog-obsessed cat lady, pit bull advocate, eco-friendly, cancer thriver, and ASL learner.

My book, FOR THE LOVE OF DOG (Regalo Press), launches February 2025! Follow along on Instagram for a peek into the publishing process and to learn when you can snag a copy!

Part memoir, part science, the book unravels the impact my dogs had on my own evolution from a shy introvert into a–okay, still shy–fierce advocate for underdogs everywhere. Finding my calling + animal rescue + research into canine cognition. My dream project.

Reach out to my agent Cole here if you’re interested in chatting about the book.