How to Be a Better Blogger in 3 Simple Steps

Do you want to grow your influence and command bigger marketing campaigns?

That seems to be driving many bloggers these days. Bigger audience = bigger influencer = bigger payday.

Of course, the difficult piece of that equation is the bigger audience one, but it somehow gets overlooked for quick tips and tricks on monetization.

I think that’s a mistake. A big one.

It’s time to go back to the basics.

How to Be a Better Blogger in 3 Simple Steps

As bloggers, the only way–I repeat, the only way–to grow your audience is by creating authentic content consistently.

You can learn every fancy trick in the HTML book, but unless you’re creating quality content that is genuine to you, you’ll never grow an audience of loyal fans. And without them, you won’t build your influencer, and you won’t command those big paychecks.

So, let’s go back to basics, shall we? How do you grow an audience of loyalists? By upping your blogging game!

Here’s how to be a better blogger in 3 simple steps:

  1. Post quality content. Don’t post crappy content. It’s as simple as that. Be thoughtful and purposeful in what you write, and edit ruthlessly. Don’t get sucked into learning every little tip and trick and “hack” on Pinterest. Focus on the work. Focus on the writing and the imagery. Do your best with every single post. If you don’t feel like it’s possible to do your best on every post, you’re probably posting too much. Scale back so you can do your best. Which leads me to…
  2. Post quality content consistently. You know you need to publish your best work. But, you need to be cognizant of your readers’ time and attention. If a post pops every day for two months, then suddenly it’s crickets for a few weeks (or vice versa), you’ll lose readers. Decide how often you can create your very best work, and stick to that schedule.
  3. Be true to you. If a collab feels wrong, it is. If a guest post exchange feels off, it is. If a product doesn’t fit you or your lifestyle–even if it comes with a heft check–you have to pass. As a blogger, YOU are the brand. You’re putting yourself on the line with everything you write, and if you write things that are inauthentic, readers will know and will abandon you. Be true to you in all things. Then you can never fail!

I think many people jump into blogging because it seems or looks easy. We know it’s not. But publishing awesome content consistently and staying true to yourself ensures your long-term success. Stick with those three tips, and you will grow your audience, you will build your influencer, and you will command those big paychecks.

In the meantime, if you want to dig super deep into learning how to be an authentic blogger, check out my ebook, Authentic Blogging. It contains everything you need to harness your authentic voice and grow your audience by leaps and bounds!

5 Steps to More Authentic Writing

How often have you, as a blogger, been told to write authentically?

How frequently have you read the advice to be authentic and your audience will find you?

Sure, you should absolutely write authentically. Yes, if you are authentic, the right people will find you.


How do you do that?

How do you write authentically? How do you balance all the social media dos and don’ts with being your true self?

5 Steps to More Authentic Writing

Here are my 5 steps to authenticity that apply to anyone creating content:

  1. Write like you speak. Nothing makes your work sound weirder faster than trying to write in a way that you think sounds “smart” or, really, anything other than your natural voice. Focus on being conversational.
  2. Cut the jargon. Related to the point above, jargon alienates most readers. Unless you’re writing for a technical audience who you’re sure knows what you’re saying, cut the jargon. If someone has to look something up, you’ve probably lost that reader.
  3. Edit for concision. Aim for clarity, not length. Check out these 5 editing tips to learn more.
  4. Write in active voice. Whenever possible, write in an active voice rather than a passive one. Check out this blog post for the hows and whys.
  5. Read your work out loud. Always. You could probably do away with tips one through four if you simply read everything out loud. Trust me on this one. Here’s more.

Not one of those tips will take you much longer to complete your piece, but every single one will improve your work.

If you want to dig into this topic more and really examine your blog for authenticity, check out my eBook, Authentic Blogging. With tons of worksheets to go along with the content, you’ll come out the other side feeling confident and self-assured in your writing! 

BlogPaws 2015 and eBook News!

I’ve attended all but one of the annual BlogPaws conferences (darn chemo ruined my perfect record), and this year’s was a remarkable experience. They’re all wonderful, of course, but this was the first year I got to speak.

Maggie Marton speaking at BlogPaws

That’s me. Speaking.

I need a haircut.

Anyway, it was an absolute pleasure to chat about authenticity in blogging.

I truly believe that the key to long-term success is being completely, wholly true to YOU with your blog.

In a cluttered online environment, discerning readers can pick out who’s being honest and forthright versus those bloggers who are just shilling. That isn’t to say you can’t earn money on your blog; you can and absolutely should–as long as you’re doing it authentically. If fact, being authentic increases your earning potential.

On that note, I’m thrilled to announce my eBook on being an authentic blogger. If you’re looking to grow your blog, expand your reach, and do so while staying true to YOU, this one’s for you!