5 Affordable Holiday Gifts for Bloggers

Sure, we could all use a shiny new digital printer, a DSLR camera, or a powerful laptop. And if those gifts are in your budget, by all means! Get them for the blogger on your list! If, however, you’re on a tight budget or your gift list is longer than Santa’s, one of these five affordable holiday gifts for bloggers will do the trick!

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5 Affordable Holiday Gifts for Bloggers | maggiemarton.com


A pretty notebook

Even though we work in a digital space, nothing beats putting pen to paper. When an idea hits–maybe for a new blog post series or a possible collaboration–every blogger needs a nice notebook to jot down the inspiration. I’m a huge fan of Moleskine notebooks because I love the paper quality, and they’re available just about everywhere. And they’re pretty.

Conference pass

Most bloggers attend at least one annual conference. It’s a great way to sharpen skills, network, and step away from the daily grind. A conference pass makes an excellent gift that’s as thoughtful as it is generous!

Amazon gift card

I was going to suggest a few specific blogging-related books (that are, ahem, on my wish list, like this* and this* and this*), but everyone has different needs. Because the blogging world changes so rapidly, staying on top of trends is incredibly important. A gift card to Amazon (or your bookstore of choice) can help the blogger in your life stay on top of what’s new through the latest releases.

Smartphone gloves

Have you ever been out walking your dog on a snowy winter morn when your phone rings. Or that text pops up. You know the one. The One. You’ve been waiting to get news to break on your blog. Long story short: Your hands are swaddled in warm winter gloves that don’t allow you to respond to that important message. Enter texting gloves! These babies will let you keep your hands warm while replying to that oh-so-critical message.


Finally, you know no list would be complete without a little self-promotion thrown in for good measure! For the blogger who loves useful, actionable tips and a step-by-step plan, I obviously recommend my eBook, Authentic Blogging: How to find (and use) your authentic voice. I’m a partial observer of course, but I’ve heard from many of you that it’s been incredibly useful in developing fresh content. Plus, it’s only $7 so there’s no reason not to buy it!

There you have it! My five recommendations for affordable holiday gifts for bloggers! What’s on your list this year? Tweet me your wish list so we can compare notes!

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On brand loyalty

My grocery store, which is a less-than-10-minute drive with almost no traffic, sells several types of kitty litter. Many are name brands. Some are low-cost store brands. There are at least two different sizes of bags.

Yet I will drive all the way across town, through a ton of traffic on a stoplight-riddled road, just to buy one specific brand of kitty litter. 



Because I’m loyal to that brand. I believe in the company’s mission. I believe in the product. They also email me coupons and respond to my tweets. So I make an extra effort to purchase their product.

So, what makes a customer loyal to a particular brand? This is a question I’ve been discussing with a client who’s trying to increase brand loyalty. When a product is a commodity – there are tons of options at tons of price points – what separates those who get repeat sales from those who don’t?

I think the answer lies in our discussion from a couple weeks ago. It’s all about honesty and authenticity.

To me, the single most important question is this: How does your product/website/Facebook page make people feel?

I purchase this kitty litter because it makes me feel like I’m doing something good for my cat and good for my planet.

I buy my favorite soap over and over again because the packaging makes me feel happy.

I spend more money on certified humane eggs because it makes me feel like I’m doing the right thing.

As you work on your 2014 marketing and branding strategies, ask yourself that question. How does your product make your customers feel?

Ask your customers that question.  Ask yourself that question about your competitors.

Strategize accordingly.